University College for Agrarian and Environmental Pedagogy

The Competence Centre for Green Pedagogy

The University College for Agricultural and Environmental Pedagogy is the educational and research centre for teachers and advisors in the professional fields of agriculture, forestry and environment.

Our Degree Programmes

Our college offers degree programmes:

  • Agrarian Pedagogy Bachelor of Education: 240 Credits, minimum time: 8 semesters (primarily for graduates of Secondary Agricultural and Forestry Colleges)‘
  • Agrarian Pedagogy Bachelor of Education: 60 Credits, minimum time: 4 semesters (primarily for graduates of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences)
  • Environmental Pedagogy Bachelor of Education: 240 Credits, minimum time: 8 semesters (primarily for graduates of Colleges for Higher Vocational Education)
  • Agrarian Pedagogy/Environmental Pedagogy Master of Education: 60 Credits, 2 semesters for graduates of the Bachelor Programmes

In addition we offer further training for in-service teachers and advisors and Master Programmes (fees).

Bachelor and Master Studies in Agrarian Pedagogy

In this training, students acquire the necessary qualifications to teach pupils of Schools of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences as well as adults in further education. Therefore, promoting the students’ ability to convey their expertise successfully has become the central aim of our teacher training programme.

Our focus lies on subject areas such as business management, agricultural sciences, food sciences, renewable energy, educational sciences, personality development and project management. Students will also have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in internships in the agricultural and forestry sciences education sector.

Qualification & Authorisation

This course qualifies students to

  • teach at vocational schools of agricultural and forestry sciences
  • teach the subject ‘Agriculture and Environment’ in Secondary Agricultural and Forestry Colleges
  • work as experts in the agriculture and forestry consulting and promotion service

Bachelor and Master Studies in Environmental Education

In our bachelor study programme Environmental Education, great importance is attached to the qualification of students in the areas of environment, sustainable development and pedagogy. The programme involves issues such as a sustainable development in local and regional areas, climate protection, energy efficiency, educational sciences, personal development and project management.

Internships lasting several weeks are completed in educational institutions and consulting services of the agricultural and forestry sector. This does not only guarantee practical experience but also establishes links to the prospective occupational fields.

Qualification & Authorisation

This course qualifies students to

  • work as consultants in organisations in environmental and sustainability development areas
  • work in agricultural and forestry consulting and promotion services
  • teach in vocational secondary schools (teaching degree for vocational practice in the field of environment)

Hochschule für Agrar- und Umweltpädagogik

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Telephone: +43(0)1 877 22 66 / 6216 – 52

Headmaster’s office:
Thomas Haase (rector)
Elisabeth Hainfellner (vice-rector)

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